slantblaze pro rising in Bugbear’s game trailer

commercial font

A famous Finnish Game Producer, Bugbear Entertainment, re releasing RIDGE RACER™, a new version of the racing game, UNBOUNDED ™ which is more fierce in the streets.

As acknowledged in a press release 4 February 2011, ‘Ridge Racer ™ Unbounded ™’ Gears Up to Carve its Own Spectacular Destructive Path on a Collision Course with PlayStation ® 3, Xbox 360 and Windows PC

Also worth noting, the page interface of UNBOUNDED ™ has been published with a dynamic new design using the font Slantblaze pro (font asli buatan Indonesia :-)).


font bugis, from the author


the Ogiecappo Campotype was created to support the knowledge of the Buginese language. Originally the Buginese language mass used of the coastal tribal in South Sulawesi, Indonesia. Even we will found it on the more Buginese tribal who lives in more coastal villages in the world. It can be understood cause the people is recognized as a wanderer social class. They were sailing since long time ago, found and lives in a coastal area, to dissolve with the local inhabitant, make a new generation, and they had been forgotten their native language, or forgotten the alphabet maybe, at least the new generation have not recognizing the language element base on the original source. It is the spirit of why this font digitized. It can be help the people who want to make Buginese script, accessibility to Bugis transcript, documentation, and more knowledge activities for Bugis language existence.

Meanwhile, basically the font is Latin1 unicode modified encoding, and not using bugis unicode which not yet windows keyboard compatibilty. Here it is the keyboard guidance:

ogiecappoalphabet The challenge of this font is too much ligature hinting control, especially how to mak the vowels sign can be put in right place. Actually it is the first version and the second still editing which will naming Mattulada.

Andi AW. Masry

Young adult, Free style Poster

“Yes, that’s cool, yahhooi !!!

Yong adults, from early teenagers to pre college age, are increasingly independent and looking to establish their identities ad adults, experimenting and rebelling, Typography and color targeted at adolescent is expressive, irreverent, and always cool.”

(Timothy Samara)

Stylistically, typeface that appeal to young adults are all over the place much like the age group itself. One defining attribute that binds them together, however, is their pronounced difference from styles that are plain, austere, or conventional in any way. Younger teens respond to faces with dramatic proportional changes, bold weights, abstract detailing — such as patterns, geometric shape inclusions, curlicues, oddly shaped slab serifs, and so on — and face that appear unstable.

Rambat Campotype, a Distorted Font

It was named with rambat (meaning like Rambat is meaning liquid respiration. It was inspired the font). The “liquid” does seem take a cohesion in all joints.

Rambat Campotype is sans square opentype with a few bit feature: Ligature: (fi, ffi, fl, ffl), Old style numbering, and Swash for characters: R, K, S and H. please activating the feature for the effect in your each applications available.

It was a completed Latin1 encoding font. It creating by brushes directly (same method with Fmiring Campotype). Font author: Andi AW. Masry. Status: Free Font.

F-miring campotype a Brushes Font

F-miring Campotype is a simply brushed fontface. It had created with brushing directly to the screen FL’s “canvas”. Hinting and adjustment font metric as much as it is nedded. It is a display font, we can apply to several recommended purpose such as, posters, banners and t-shirt, but other purpose will create depending the creativities explore by the designer.

Font author: Andi AW. Masry

Font status: Free download